An Honest Government Ad

Just in case we need to be reminded going into the election… don’t vote for Liberal they do not have your interests at heart and they can’t be swayed, they are being infiltrated and influenced by religious groups who don’t pay taxes and at least one group that doesn’t even vote, but puts money in the purse of the major parties.

Juice Media’s videos have been a very “Australien” way of bringing to the attention of the masses the BS our government does to us. And they are doing it to us.

I honestly feel that even if not much different, Labor are at least more easily swayed by public opinion… the Libs however just don’t have souls, they sold them long ago to the highest bidders.

People power has seen superannuation groups divest from tobacco, fossil fuels, and other hurtful industries; with enough pressure, we can get our government to do the same.

Vote wisely… and don’t vote for a party that only has one policy or interest, they are too easily swayed by the bigger parties when it comes time to vote on something not in their portfolio.

While some may not believe it, the two majors are not the same. And yes, your vote counts… even though it feels like these days they call elections with just 4% of the vote counted. 🤔

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