Lego Lunar Lander

I know I was ambivalent about whether or not I’d be getting the Lego Stranger Things set, but there is no question about this one… space junkies gotta have their fix!

The Lunar Lander is sweet looking. 20cm x 22cm x 20cm, it’ll be quite the display piece.

Lego Lunar Lander

Available June 1: AU$159.99. #takeMyMoney #damnYouLego



Are we all watching “Chernobyl”?

Amazing dramatisation of the events in 1986 at the power plant in Chernobyl, based on real accounts from multiple sources. It’s an amazing piece of TV.

One thing the makers did was abandoned the use accents in the movie… so it’s a Russian story with English, American and other voices.

I’ve read “Voices of Chernobyl” a haunting book of stories from the people who lived through the disaster. It’s an event that changed the world.

“Chernobyl” the show is accompanied by a Podcast where the writer of the show talks about the episodes.

In the first episode of the podcast he talks about how we’re kind of lucky this happened in Russia, a communist country that could easily conscript workers to go into harm’s way and deal with the disaster. In a western country it likely would have been a much bigger disaster.


I have an idea…

Story of my life… 😛

Check our more of Poorly Drawn Lines’ work on their website.

Daily Life

1300 871 895

David is very happy with our new 1300 number… no point sharing it right now because it will just tell you we are closed. 🤪

He has been playing around with the system, having fun with all the options for press 1 for this and press 2 for that.

It can record calls, voicemails, check with a web hook for our availability and route the call somewhere else. Very fancy.

We even had a professional voice over person record our messages. So if you know anyone looking for a 1300 number, we can now help them with that. 😊

Daily Life

Flu Season

Currently recovering from the flu… and was concerned to read there have been 63 deaths already from the flu this season (as of May 5)… and it’s earlier than they would usually expect the flu to be this bad… it’s more people that died of it in for the whole 2018 (57 deaths)! 

Get out and get your shots people!

The young, the elderly, Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders, and those with chronic conditions can get the flu shot for free. See your local doctor. 

Chemist Warehouse have been running a vaccine program, but it looks like I’m a bit late on that one, it ends today 🥴, only $12.99 for the shot

Daily Life

Jason Mraz – The Remedy

Taking it back to the start of Jason Marl’s musical journey for today’s soundtrack…


Failing Power of Religion

There was a report today in the SMH that headlined “Christian leaders say religious freedom was among issues that influenced voters”

The counting is still under way… the AEC has downloads of all of the votes going back quite some time… I took a look at the numbers don’t read that way.

It’ll be another couple of weeks I think before they finalise the results and count all the other types of votes, so I’ll leave it for now as far as a direct comparison goes, but the religious groups didn’t poll numbers greater than they would previously. In fact a couple of them are likely to be well below.

I’ll probably look at the stats in time. It’s still doing my head in how the chips fell as they did.

Read the Sydney Morning Herald Story or PDF version saved for posterity.


The Last 6

Lego Minifigure blind packs. Disney Series 2.
The final six mini figures I needed…

The final six I needed. And of course the queue at Kmart that was empty when I started feeling up packets is now 50 people deep! 😳