Santa Clarita Diet Cancelled

Santa Clarita Diet

Damn you Netflix and everyone who hasn’t watched “Santa Clarita Diet”. They’ve cancelled this quirky comedy.

Netflix don’t say it’s because of low views, because they don’t ever report on views… but I imagine is because not enough people watched it and then talked about it getting new people to sign up to Netflix to watch it…

Because I hear, that Netflix measures a show’s profitably based on how many people “on-board” to watch the show. And I imagine a show into its third season might find it quite difficult to get new people in to watch it.

This technique of measuring shows also likely affects how often and when Netflix puts out new shows.

Santa Clarita Diet is very cool. Its humour is quite dark but I love how most of it takes place in broad daylight, not something typical for a show like this.

Possibly the other issue for Netflix is the amount key stars like Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant likely get paid.

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