Model Shoot Failed

For a day that is supposed to get to 30 degrees, it’s starting off quite fresh! Just 10 degrees here at Princes Pier.

We waited for our model to arrive for almost an hour and a half before we finally gave up, no contact from her at all.

David checked on Facebook and could see the bit where it tells you the last time someone was active and it showed she was awake and on Facebook at 6:30am. She was due to meet us by 7am and was coming from St Kilda, so she should have been on her way by then.

We don’t usually shoot with the ladies. She has some fitness outfits she was keen to get photographed, but that didn’t happen.

We had travelled down from Bacchus Marsh, getting ourselves up at 5:30am to make sure we were there on time. We do this for fun and we don’t charge these folks for our time to travel, to shoot and then to edit the photos we take. So when someone doesn’t turn up… twice now for this girl… it’s kind of frustrating.

The first time we understood, even though we again travelled form Bacchus Marsh, during peak hour traffic on a weeknight to shoot at sunset with her. It turned out there was a major protest in the city and all the cross-city transport had been shut down, so there was no way for her to get to us.

This time though, we knew she had been awake, we knew she had seen David’s message to her, and she failed to reply until just as we had finished backing the car… almost 2 hours after she was due to be there, to tell us she slept through her alarm, which was clearly false given her Facebook activity.

And just look at the image, the sun was going to be awesome for the shots we wanted to take!

The view from Prince's Pier in Port Melbourne

Missed opportunity, and she won’t get another one from us.

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