Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Finally going to see “Captain Marvel”! Our Gold Class session currently only has 9 people booked in total.

Have to see “Captain Marvel” before “Avengers End Game” starts next week.

Thanks Kylie for joining me, I’m dragging a reluctant David along because I booked the tickets while he was out. Perhaps we can go to Avengers sans David. 🤪


Captain Marvel was great! I think she’ll be pretty hard to make more movies about cause she’s powerful! 

I had read reviews about “wooden acting” by, and “no likeability” for Brie Larsen as the titular character. But after seeing it I’m realising these are likely more reviews from guys who are seemingly troubled by the idea of a powerful female character.

Brie was great; as an origin story, it was a nice introduction to Captain Marvel.

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