Second Bydureon injection today… I was clearly anxious about it because I dreamt about how it went wrong. I mean, see the image above, that thing it huge! 😵

Instead of worrying too much, I took it out of the fridge for the required 15 minutes, put the solvent and the powder together inside the syringe, tapped it 80+ times to ensure the solvent had done its job and the powder was mixed.

Then I questioned my injection site. The instructions say you can inject it in a repository of fatty tissue; thigh, abdomen, back of the upper arms. Once you’ve picked a site, you’re supposed to stick with it.

The first time I injected it into my thigh… and it hurt A LOT. So I figured while I’m overweight, there’s not actually enough fat there and I may have gone into muscle. I could be completely wrong, I’m not a doctor… but I know I have other sites that are much more fruitful with fat deposits.

The backs of my arms I can’t get to easily to inject myself, and I’m not going to ask David to cause me pain by injecting me with a needle when I can do it myself… so I went with my biggest fat store… my stomach.

You have to think fast though, because once mixed you have to inject as soon as you can to prevent the mixture from separating or fizzing out the end fo the needle… because yeah, the stuff you’re injecting actually fizzes.

Once I chose my new injection site, I followed the advice of a sage voice, Frenchie, you know from “Grease”, and I iced the area for a few seconds to numb the surface.

Frenchie’s sage advice… ice as a numbing agent.

Once numb, I plunged the needle into my globulous flesh and pressed the pressed in the end of the needle, sending the fizzy solution into the fat of my gut. I held the needle there, and the plunger depressed for the requisite 10 seconds before pulling the needle out… and a geyser of blood followed which I quickly capped with a cotton pad and pressure.

Good news is, the new site didn’t hurt anywhere near as much as my thigh. Bad news, it bled a lot more so I have to be quicker with the cotton pad next time.

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