Granola & Biscuits

Our whole day was taken up with a single meeting in Colac, and our client is the awesome Irrewarra Bakery; makers of delicious bread, granola, and biscuits.

Arriving at their beautiful new bakery we were greeted by the amazing smells of biscuits cooking in the old stables and granola baking in the new kitchens.

And we received goodie bags to take home. I’m torn between eating them, and photographing them (before eating them). Just not sure when I’ll have time to photograph them, but I always have time to eat them. 🤣

It’s great when a brand you’ve been eating for years becomes a client.


Gravity Cafe & Bar

If you make your way to Colac and these folks are open, they are well worth the drop in.

Brilliant food, welcoming staff. The only thing I can say bad about Gravity is that it’s in Colac… too far away for me to enjoy it every day.

Had a beef burger and chips. The burger was delish, the patty was moist and a delight to the mouth. The chips seemed like they were cut with an extra thick spiralizer. Served with a great aioli, the only disappointment with the chips is I wanted more… I didn’t need more, I just wanted more. 🤪

Movies TV

Too Much Action

Today was quite the epic day. Came home from Agengers: Endgame and had a Game of Thrones to watch. So much action for one day.

Two epic adventures. One the end of an era. The other an amazing episode building up to a series finale that should be just as insane.


Santa Clarita Diet Cancelled

Damn you Netflix and everyone who hasn’t watched “Santa Clarita Diet”. They’ve cancelled this quirky comedy.

Netflix don’t say it’s because of low views, because they don’t ever report on views… but I imagine is because not enough people watched it and then talked about it getting new people to sign up to Netflix to watch it…

Because I hear, that Netflix measures a show’s profitably based on how many people “on-board” to watch the show. And I imagine a show into its third season might find it quite difficult to get new people in to watch it.

This technique of measuring shows also likely affects how often and when Netflix puts out new shows.

Santa Clarita Diet is very cool. Its humour is quite dark but I love how most of it takes place in broad daylight, not something typical for a show like this.

Possibly the other issue for Netflix is the amount key stars like Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant likely get paid.



No ENDGAME Spoilers… at least until after midday on Monday… Kylie and I are off to see it at a 9:30am session… part may have already been spoiled for me via a cryptic graphic on Twitter, so I may have to impose a social media blackout just to be safe. 🥴

Flickr Find Photography

Flickr Get Back Into It

Everyone knows that Flickr is still a thing right?

I’ve been a member of Flickr since 2006. 

I still use Flickr for my record snaps as well as my other work. If you want to see some cringeworthy images, flick back through my 91 pages. 🤪

You can find me at

Family & Friends

Margaritas & Corn Chips

Margaritas and corn chips… what more could you need to celebrate 22 years with your boyfriend… well 22 years and 1 day. 🥰


Me! Launch

Swifty’s new single “ME” drops within the hour… 🤩

Waiting patiently… I was never a fan of her younger music, but I really did like “Reputation” so I’m interested to see how “TS7” will sound… 

I’m working and listening to “Reputation” while I wait for “ME” to launch.

UPDATE: the video is pretty cool, quite the explosion of colour and joy.

“Je suis calme!”

Taylor Swift – Me!