Betty Who – “Betty”

Betty Who's album cover for "Betty"
“Betty” 2019

Apple Music let me know about Betty Who’s new album “Betty”.

I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of Betty Who, in fact the only other album of hers I have listened to a lot is 2014’s “Take Me When You Go”. I completely missed her 2017 release “The Valley”… I’ll have to go back and check that one out.

She did have some success in 2016 with her cover of Donna Lewis’ 1996 release “I Love You Always Forever” at least it seemed to get some radio play back when I used to listen to the radio.

Anyway, I think I’m up to my 4th listen to “Betty” in two days so it must be OK. It is certainly not a move away from her poptastic sounds of her earlier releases, so it sounds good in my ears.

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