“The American” – Ryan Amador

Ryan Amador – “The American”

Like all his work, with “The American” Ryan touches on some heavy topics through his music. I appreciate he can make such subjects sound so good.

The one song “Target Practice” looks at the gun crisis in America and the culture that seemingly has a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ attitude to the all-too-regular mass-shootings that happen there.

The track “Try a Little Kindness” addresses the issues of the day with the simplest fix, that really is achievable. With kindness and empathy we could solve the world’s problems… we just need to remove the notion that someone has to win.

The titular track “The American” takes a look at our identity and the construct we’ve developed around the notion that someone is more worthy of being a “citizen” of a country. It also touches on our white-washed history, erasing the near-genocides of most native civilisations for European expansion. As I said, heavy topics. I’m glad we have artists that are making music like this.

Really enjoying this album from Ryan Amador – “The American”. Give your ears a treat.

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