Shelving Saturday

I’ve gone a little crazy with shelves of late. Trying to get some more organisation done around here particularly in the workroom. One can never have enough shelving in their workroom. Here I added another IKEA LACK floating shelf above the others we already put up and one above the door, a space that is rarely used for anything so it made sense to make use of it.

The two new shelves in the workroom, please ignore the mess please.

I also MADE a shelf for the cupboard above the range hood in the kitchen. Well when I say made, I mean cut a piece of wood, painted it, and screwed it into the already existing vent cover that goes around the exhaust pipe for the range hood.

I just looked into the cupboard the other day and thought: “Hey, there’s a lot of space going to waste up there. So I decided to use it.

New spice shelf I “made”.

They’re the shelves I put up today. There was one issue with the one over the door in the workroom. I measured it up to make it nice and flush with the wall, but I think I was jinxed by the fact I was listening to “Hedwig and The Angry Inch” Broadway Cast Recording. When it came time to putting the shelf onto the floating thing, I was about an inch out! So I had to redo the holes and left the anchors in the holes from the others, trying to remove them would have left massive holes I had no desire to deal with today. Besides my error was hidden by the shelf when it was put in place. šŸ˜‰

And going back in time a bit, I also put up some shelves in the kitchen area. We had some dead space above the bins, not sure what else would ever have been there, but we decided to put a couple of small shelves. The idea was to put the herbs up there, and that did happen for a few weeks, until they mysteriously died on me… all of them. My green thumb has turned black. So instead, we have a couple of shelves waiting for their purpose.

Kitchen shelves above the bins, and a cute photo of BillTheDoggin.

More shelves to go up. We have a 190cm shelf that is still looking for its home, and four more small square shelves. I’ve ordered about 25 tubs from IKEA today to help with the tidy up around the house. Will update when they arrive and we put them into action.

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