Guns for Hire be Stupid

The Punisher Season 2
The Punisher Season 2

I’m watching season 2 of “The Punisher” on Netflix and I’m thinking about the idiots who are the guns for hire on the show. Then I’m left thinking about all of the shows and how they all depend on these guys (and they are usually guys) who are really just filler.

By episode 10 I think around 100 anonymous guys are gurgling on their own blood. There have been bar fights, alley fights, fights in stairwells and elevators. Shoot-ups in warehouses, city streets, hotel rooms, and apartments. It’s quite the messy affair.

All shows are like this, they rely on the anonymous, often uncredited, filler to drag the story out and make a series before the main players finally come together for the final showdown and the season is over… all to be repeated again when the next season rolls around.

There’s no character development for these guys, seemingly there’s no families at home waiting for them, there’s little reason given for why we should care about their passing.

Guns for hire and henchmen, the unsung heroes of the serial TV show, the least we can do is make sure their names end up in the credits… I guess the problem is how do we differentiate them when they were given no lines and no way to identify them. Maybe “guy shot in the head at timecode 11:17:03.4”, who is different to “guy shot in the head at timecode 11:17:03.9”.

Ah maybe too hard, let’s just acknowledge their existence and that we wouldn’t have shows without them. Here’s to you nameless gunmen, knife-wielders, samurai sword swingers, et. al. Your acting career may never make it beyond these nameless blood bags, but at least lets you add yourself to the cast list, goodness knows the show runners probably won’t.

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