Discovering Jazz

I listen to Annie Lennox’s “Nostalgia” album all the time, but today was the first time I noticed that Apple Music puts it in the genre or Jazz. Though I guess that makes sense. I’ve never known how to feel about a white English recording artist singing songs usually written and sung by African American folk. But she makes it sound so smooth.

Anyway, at the bottom of the albums now in the Music app on my iPad they show “You might also like” and usually I’m like: “thanks but nope” and trawl through my list of many, many albums rather than try something new, but today was different. I thought: “Why not”, and I clicked on the album “Bring It Back” by Catherine Russell.

Bring It Back by Catherine Russell

A brief look into Ms Russell shows she’s quite at home in the music scene. Her dad was a collaborator of the great “Satchmo” AKA Louis Armstrong. Her mum was also a trained musician, so it makes sense she’d be a great recording artist in her own right.

So that’s what I’m listening to right now. Going through the back-catalogue of Catherine Russell.

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