Clues to thought process

Random Image from a notebook.

The image above is from a notebook that is sitting on my desk, just on a random page. I don’t use a notebook in a linear fashion. When I need to jot something down I just find a blank space in the nearest notebook or any piece of paper at hand, those these days I tend to use my iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil to write down quick notes.

The drawing above, with the annotations were clearly the solution to a problem, but I have no idea now when I scribbled it down, nor what it was for. I often have little things like this in notebooks. They very rarely have any context.

I’m sure my brain will figure out what this was about, but for now we’ll just leave it here as evidence my brain is always thinking about crap and sometimes I need to quickly scribble things down, likely it was the answer to a problem I was trying to solve some other time.

UPDATE: 20190107122300: I KNOW WHAT IT’S FOR!

This was the design for the leg of a marionette. The hooks would be wire that are baked into the clay that would be used to join parts of the puppet together. Well now that’s sorted my brain can think about something else for a time. No doubt it will come back around to the marionette I am still to build (I already have the modelling clay).

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