Argh! Change is difficult

Breaking habits are hard! In the last day, since posting my resolutions yesterday I slipped on the procrastinating by watching TV, and also the Facebook posting… though I did manage to not push the publish button on my Facebook replies. I wrote a couple, but abandoned them… so that’s a win right?

A new day, better efforts to be made today. Well right after I scrub my mind of the Flat Earther Conference video I watched this morning on YouTube.

I have a lot of work on today… three sites that need finishing touches, and two sites that need to get a lot further along before Monday. So heads down.

In an effort to keep on top of tasks, I installed a new whiteboard in the workroom/sewing room so I know what projects I have going on in there.

And we’re ordering a new one for the main office too, just a soon as the Officeworks site is working properly again. The one we have at the moment is too small to contain all the work we have on at the moment. A nice problem to have I guess.

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