Hello Fresh is in the House

Hello Fresh: Sage rosemary crumbed chicken
Hello Fresh: Sage rosemary crumbed chicken

Today we got our first delivery of Hello Fresh… I looked into it a while back but they didn’t deliver to our area. When David’s mum said she got a referral from a friend on the Central Coast in NSW I thought maybe they had opened up their delivery areas, and they had.

So today we had some dinner for lunch… and it was delish. We’ll probably also have another for dinner. All the ingredients are pre-measured so there’s zero food-waste, but there is a bit of thin plastic left over, all of which can be recycled at our nearest Coles or Woolworths through Red Cycle. So we’ll give it a go for now, if everything is like our first meal we might keep this going for a time.

It’s not my photo of today’s lunch above, it’s from the Hello Fresh site, but unlike frozen or pre-prepared meals, you make these yourself so they can turn out similar to what’s on the recipe card, (I think we had the pan a bit hot), see my quick iPhone snap, before I ate it all below.

Quick snap of today’s lunch

Hello Fresh give you awesome-looking recipe cards and all the fresh ingredients you need to make the meal. As you can see below the recipe cards make preparation easy with simple steps.

I’m sure most of you have left over Christmas ham for weeks, but if you want to give it a try at any point and get $50 off your first order (and give us $50 off our next) use the link: https://www.hellofresh.com.au/…

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