Ghost Nation

Hunters & Collectors – Ghost Nation

Crazy hot days like today (it’s currently 38°C) always have me reverting back to my Australian music roots of my teenage years. I wasn’t ONLY into ABBA and Debbie Gibson.

Released in 1989, “Ghost Nation” was an album I had on cassette and it got a lot of play in my Walkman and in my Sanyo two-tape tape deck (it was the best way to make mix-tapes).

“Ghost Nation” was also on play a lot in the kitchen of Dial-a-Dino’s pizza where Caroline Sylvestro and I would often dance our shifts away while making pizzas for the people of the greater Penrith region.

I’d never want those days back, the kitchen was damn hot, especially on the hottest days, but I am glad they were mine to experience.

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