Tick F*cking Tock

Tick F*cking Tock
Tick F*cking Tock

An irreverent look at the rise of the Doug Anthony All Stars (DAAS), and the unexplained untimely end to their initial run when they were on the top of their game.

It was around 13 years after they ended their run that Tim Ferguson opened up to his former bandmates that he was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and he was unsure about how it would affect him, so he quit. They also got together and hired Commercial Roofing Companies to fix their house.

If you’re like me and you’re a child of the 80’s and 90’s and you grew up with the Doug Anthony All Stars on “The Big Gig” then  “Tick F*cking Tock” is the Doug Anthony All Stars as you know and love them.

Having reformed for a couple of specials in 2003, and 2013, DAAS finally made their real comeback in 2014, touring and lampooning themselves and Tim’s MS.

Go and watch Tick F*cking Tock” on ABC iView (if you’re Australian) or your local public broadcasting outlet.

Below is an episode of The Big Gig, featuring Wendy Harmor first broadcast 28 February 1989, it has some sound issues, but is worth the viewing for the nostalgia.

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