Muppets and Puppets

I stumbled across Adam Savage’s YouTube channel likely but travelling down a rabbit hole of the Internet one day, and I have fallen in love with the puppet-centric episodes Adam has produced.

A lot of people will know Adam as one-half of the “MythBusters” team. Adam is an avid Muppet fan, as we all of a certain age are likely to be and thankfully he has access to a lot of folks and he brings them to us.

One of his videos is the creation of Adam’s very own puppet at Rick Lyon Puppets.

I LOVE Muppets, Puppets, and Marionettes, I want to make some… watching these videos gets my mind buzzing all the time. I love looking at the different mechs they make, but oh to find the time to make something… I have a couple of ideas, particularly for a couple of simple marionettes that I want to get too soon.

I’ve made a Puppet/Muppet Playlist of YouTube videos that I’ll likely add to.

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