Ōkunoshima Island

Also known as “Rabbit Island”, Ōkunoshima Island is a tiny island of Japan  between the islands of Honshū and Shikoku and as the name suggests, it is the home to many rabbits. Can you imagine anything cuter!

Sadly it’s history is anything but cute. During the second world war, the island of Ōkunoshima’s population was moved out and the war effort moved it. A gunpowder factory and a poison gas factory. The gas factory is where the bunnies came in… they were the test subjects for the gas factory, testing the killing power of the gasses made there.

At the end of the war the factories were shut down, the island was abandoned, but not until the test bunnies were reportedly all terminated. It would seem, however, that some of the bunnies escaped and now they live on an island with no predators. Rabbits, which usually live in fear as prey animals, now breed and have the full run of the island. They happily greet humans who visit.

I want to go to there!


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