New Lego Project Underway

Lego Cleaner

Starting work on my new Lego project today, it’s a website that will catalogue all of my minifigs, the sets they come from, what accessories they have and any other details about them I might search for.

I figure this will assist me when I’m coming up with ideas for new Lego photos. I already have the Instagram, Twitter, and Domain for it. Now I just have to build it. Then photograph and catalogue ALL of my minifigs and accessories. 😮

Future plan is to open the site to others who can make up the figures they have and they can then search only their minifigs and accessories for their use. They will also be able to suggest tags and keywords for figs that I may have overlooked.

Maybe I can wrap it up into a business thing and then I can claim my Lego purchases as an actual business expense! (may not be joking about this) 🤣

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