Life by Drop Ship…

Watching a bunch of videos of guys who live in Thailand and the Phillipines. They live their lives by drop shipping and Fulfilment by Amazon!!!

Basically they set up stores on Amazon and they ‘resell’ products they find on those sources, then they just order the product from the original supplier and have it shipped to you.

So they have almost zero costs of their own, just a computer and internet access.

Or with Fulfilment by Amazon, they buy a bunch of stuff on Alibaba, which they brand as their own private label. It goes to Amazon and then they sell it via an Amazon store.

In this one they started with a $10,000 investment, they go through the Amazon best seller page, find the products that are selling well, that they think will continue to sell well, then go to Alibaba and source a supplier, buy a production run, have their name put on it and it is automatically shipped to Amazon’s warehouse to be shipped out when bought.

They say they have moved more to the Fulfilment by Amazon method as their profit margin is much higher. With drop shipping you’re relying on people to find your store before the original supplier’s because you’re actually selling it for a little more to make your money. With Fulfilment by Amazon your paying for the production of a product, the warehousing at Amazon’s facility, but the margin is much higher.

They travel and live, no longer driven by money… they’ve all seemed to say that while drop shipping worked for them at the start, it’s not enough of a margin to really do what they want (ie all the travel), but the Fulfilment by Amazon, while it takes a little more effort has much higher rewards.

Might be a consideration with the Amazon Australia store having so few products. Could be a good time to get into it. But of course, these guys, living in the culture-rich countries in Asia, are paying for an entire month of life what the average person pays in half a week here in Australia. I think they may be doing life right.

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