YAY, I got a first place!

Yay I got a first place!

I haven’t entered anything in our Camera Club comps for a while, been so busy with work. But environmental portraits are something I was very excited about as a subject.

This is Di, she runs a store in Fitzroy North called Clara Fox, it’s quite the eclectic store. She was featured in TMix+ magazine for her love of old recipe books. At her home she has steamer trunks full of them. She also provided a bunch of the clothing and style direction for A Place to Call Home on the Seven Network.

She’s an awesome lady, I keep meaning to drop in on her again, she’s quite the charmer and I’m sure she has a lot of awesome stories she could tell.

Di is one of those ladies that proves that a photograph is not just about pointing a camera at someone and clicking the button. I spent a good hour sitting with her and talking before I even pulled my camera out. It’s a photo I’m very happy with and I’m glad it received an award. I might have it framed for her.

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