Sunday Confession

It’s Sunday… so here’s a few of confessions for you all (even though I’m an atheist):

  1. At 43 I have JUST started drinking coffee… granted I make it, fill it with copious amounts of sugar, and then put it in the freezer for several hours before drinking it, because I still don’t like the taste; this recent project I am working on has required a lot of loooong days and the caffeine helps.
  2. I still sing (and dance) in the shower. I confess this because as a kid I don’t think I recall my folks doing it… it makes me happy, it’s a good kickstart to the day. I worry that my parents weren’t happy enough or were too busy parenting to do it, I hope they do it now. But me… music up, best shower voice on, and away I go.
  3. Often this is to ABBA, much to David’s annoyance.
  4. I actually spontaneously sing anywhere… often, regardless of location, David will be like “What did you say?” and my reply will inevitably be… “I was just singing.”

Do you have anything to confess?

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