Clothing Choices

To friends, family and anyone else who sees me on the street more than one day in a row… no, I won’t be wearing dirty clothes day in day out, I’ve just gone a bit “Jobsian”… new shirts arrived today… 7 light grey, 2 vintage black (dark grey) and 6 Navy… so I’ll be very one/two coloured from now on, grey or blue, it’s a step up from my usual ALL blue.

Also got a couple of hoodies: Vintage navy, vintage black, deep royal and a jumper in vintage black… so don’t expect a lot of colour out of me. 😝

David made up for it though, when he ordered his shirts, jumpers and hoodies he pretty much got one of everything, including a gold (bright orange/yellow) hoodie… so he’ll be the colourful one. 🤣 

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