Brainwashing Children

Homosexuality Is A Plot To Brainwash Children, Says Leader Of Organisation That Actually Brainwashes Children

What’s worse is she also runs a “Bible College” where people can get, seemingly, I don’t have time to look into it right now, government assisted funding for approved bible courses where you learn how to be a good person according to the bible (and not much else).

Further “REVEREND DR MARGARET COURT” loves to have her Dr title everywhere, but of course is only an Honorary Dr, a status granted to her because of her fame and love of Jesus, not because she actually studied anything that earned her that title.

So awesome tennis player yes… Reverend, yes, because she started her own church and made herself one… Doctor, not really in the strict sense, but in name only, but she’s been given it because of the previous two things.

All this attention is awesome for her because all the other people who think like her now have a beacon to gravitate to and she can and will take them into her flock. You go you crazy lady… you go.

And thanks to Genevieve for the link and the laugh for this Friday morning.

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