Affinity Photo on My iPad Pro

Been playing around on Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro, I really like it so far.

One thing I don’t love is I have nothing to indicate how much 64 pixel width is on the screen.

One thing I love about it is tools like the healing tool have Flow control!

It has a LOT going on, it is like having a full version of Photoshop on a touchscreen device. Using the Apple Pencil with it works like a charm. It happily opens my 50 megapixel raw images, though they look a little soft on the screen I wonder if that is just a rendering thing. I haven’t tried outputting images yet.

First impressions are I can see myself using this when out on a shoot or editing on location for quick edits.

Will post a more thorough review to the Camera Club website when I have and more of a play with it.

Affinity Photo on iPad


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