Foreign Aid

I’m often perplexed by the folks that are against foreign aid, they are against immigration, and they are against refugees… you can’t have it all.

First and foremost we are all human… let that sink in.

Right, now we have that in place. Sometimes we all need a helping hand. We see it in our communities ALL THE TIME and it’s wonderful and it’s amazing. When the Good Friday Appeal is on, people put their hands in their pockets and give up their hard-earned cash to support people they will never know. When there’s a sick kid in the community the community pitches in and helps with the costs. They feel good about doing it because they are doing good. We do it because it feels good to help and because it feels right to help others in need.

So, foreign aid… it, in theory, should go directly to helping those in need in other countries. It also helps other countries get on board with new ways of doing things to make the world as a whole a better place. Is there corruption that is eating away at some of this money, probably, but there is hope that most of it is going to improve the lives of many.

Immigration… the way folks come here through the “proper channels” has been the lifeblood of our country since European settlement. We are indeed a melting pot nation and I believe we’re better off for it.

Refugees… are people fleeing their lives that were appalling. In Syria for example the world looked at what was going on there and the response was to bomb the crap out of the place, which their own government has already been doing for over five years. People should always be embraced when they are looking for a better life. They look to make their lives better and in doing so they can make our lives better too.

When faced with aggression and oppression these people are likely to withdraw from the society they find themselves in, they won’t interact and they won’t feel safe or wanted. This will breed animosity which will become cyclic and will spiral into an us and them that may never be resolved.

One way to “get rid of the refugees” would be to support foreign aid that is going towards resolving the issues in the countries they are coming from and helping make their lives better there.

We are all human and we need to remember that all the time. Who seriously has all this time for hate? Let’s embrace humanity and let’s be better for it.

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