We bought a tree

We finally bought a tree for our yard… at the moment it just looks like an emaciated 3m tall twig. But once it arrives home and is planted, and with a little TLC it should become a perfect addition to the yard and provide shade for the back of the house in summer, since it become really hot at that time. We hope the tree will also drop all its leaves to let the winter’s sun shine in.

It’s sad in all our estates these days there are no trees around, and is bad because in the summer gets too hot and people decide to install HVAC from sites as https://omniheatair.com/ for this reason. Mostly, I imagine, because people are buying tiny blocks and putting big houses on them. Thankfully we have a yard big enough to support a tree or two.

Now we just have to dig a giant hole to put it in. 🤔

What it will one day look like in the comments.

Our new tree

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