Record My Dreams Please!

Should anyone know of a project looking for subjects for a dream recording device… I’m a willing guinea pig for such a project.

If I had a way to capture even a slither of the detail in last night’s dream I’d be happy. Though said machine will eventually have to interpret audio too. Last night’s dream included a new song by Prince.

In very short… it was set in a city with all these elaborate buildings and we were being chased by beings that were a mix of humans, and also a blend of westworld / I Robot creations. Some were disguised by hologram.

Some were controlled by us as protectors, but most were from the people after us. It was a very full-on dream. A lot of different styles of clothing, of creatures, of building designs. It was pretty cool.

I’m sad for folks who don’t even get to remember parts of their dreams.

BTW, I’m also sad that exertion in dreams doesn’t translate to real exercise! I’d be well-fit by now if it did.

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