Messing with my Head

If you want to know what seriously messes with my head… it’s misinformation and those that willingly share it.

For instance… a post about MP Anne Aly not attending a Dawn Service in Wanneroo, the post is dressed up as if to say she refused to attend, that she was being disrespectful.

Kim Vuga says that neither she nor her friend actually said the MP refused… but you can read the comments on the post to see that is certainly how Kim Vuga Love Australia or Leave Party followers took it.

You can read it here.

But Anne Aly DID attend a dawn service, just not the one at Wanneroo, she did lay a wreath, she did present a speech honouring our fallen and those who have been touched by war, but she did it at Ballajura, also in her district.

After being called out on it Kim followed up with another post saying how everything in her original post was fact.

And she’s correct, they were facts, but in the presentation, in context her facts lead to fake news, fake reporting and spreading of hatred.

It frustrates me so because the members of my family are reposting her drivel without any form of fact checking. It took me less than 2 minutes to find out what Anne Aly did on Anzac Day… but then I get into my head about all the hate the world has and why are my family buying into it.

Then I feed the beast and I comment on these posts and I get called a lefty and a dickhead, etc, never once do any of these people see that they were the ones sold a lie in this case, one that was easily fact checked and found to be false. They are just so wrapped up in their need to hate on someone else that they push the facts aside. That Anne Aly is a Muslim seems to be all they need to know about her to hate her, and to me that’s just sad.

The problem as I see it, the way hate and fear are able to control us so easily, why people are sucked into religion is because people for the most part are shit at critical thinking. It’s too easy to hit the share button instead of looking into a story first to see if it has any basis in fact before you forward.

I ponder on these things too much, I left Facebook once a few years back because I just couldn’t deal with the posts against this and against that…. and now it’s just getting worse. Maybe it’s time for another hiatus… but I have commitments that actually REQUIRE facebook, it is now so ingrained in our lives. Maybe I just need to block people’s posts.

One of my friends posted this video in response to my rant. I thought I’d share it here.

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