Got me a DJI Ronin

DJI Roni M

Got me a DJI Ronin… I called him Keating… get it… yeah you do. Unless you’re in the US, maybe you won’t get it then.

This is just a quick snap on my iPhone, I almost abandoned Keating when I couldn’t get him to balance my 5D on it. David’s little Sony balanced relatively easy. And we did a couple of runs with it out the back with Bill and his ball.

My despondence was alleviated through persistence and I finally got the balance happening with my camera, but now it’s too dark out, so I shall have to wait until the morrow to have a play with it. I might even ruin the balance I’ve achieved so I can rebalance it again and get the hang of it, after all, I’ll need to be able to balance it in the field as required, and go from photography to videography throughout a day of work.

Video rig almost complete with this SmallHD monitor. Now just need to get the mounts for it to connect it to the Ronin.

Small HD 501


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