Facebook the Game

I woke up at 3:30am this morning and realised the error of my ways. As often does, clarity comes in the early hours of the morning.

In commenting on the post by Kim Vuga on her party page I have encouraged and joined many others in sharing my outrage there. One post now has over 100 comments from people mostly requesting that Kim Vuga retract her post in light of it easily being proven to be a falsehood.

But she’s not going to, and she welcomes the multitude of comments, my early morning epiphany was, it’s because Kim is playing the Facebook game.

Kim’s party page is public, these comments are public and according to Facebook’s algorithm I’m sure Kim is now seen as an authority because her post is so popular… her post is likely being spread further than ever before because of our posts.

In this current state of social media I don’t know how we fight the hate and fear mongering. The hate and fear campaigns are winning and it seems there’s little we can do about it. And these people who are buying into aren’t seeing the big picture, they are buying into a method of control. They are being manipulated, they are being controlled.

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