Brick Bank 20% Off

Went to Myer in the city, they have 20% off toys, including Lego and unlike normal they forgot to remove the big creator sets from sale. So I grabbed a Brick Bank and saved $50, she had to put it through special because it’s not supposed to be included. ☺️

But on the flip side, they still had some Series 16 minifigs so I was going to grab some more, but when they rang up at $5.95 each (I knew they were excluded from the 20% off which is dodge) I questioned why given they were only $4.99 when they were on sale, she said they all went up with the Batman series… on that I call BS cause their wholesale price when they bought them wasn’t for that price… so I decided not to get them.

But Happy Days, got the Brick Bank, now I just need Assembly Square… but still have time to get that.

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