Beryl the Weeping Angel

Beryl the Weeping Angel

When Beryl turned up to her first meeting of the “Winged Warriors of Legoland” the current members couldn’t turn her away. The Winged Warriors carry out community work to help the disadvantaged. They have an “all-inclusive, non-discrimination policy”, if they broke it they’d be in breech of their code of ethics and could lose funding.

So Beryl now attends meetings regularly and her fellow members adhere to a very strict blinking roster to ensure at least one of them is looking at Beryl at all times.

It was almost quite the calamity one time when Adeline glanced briefly at the clock, eyes crying out for relief, hoping it was her turn to blink (it was not), and glanced back to find Beryl and her outstretched arm just centimetres from her nose! Beryl can’t help herself, it’s a compulsion.

There is hope though. It might be that a new girl coming to town, a butterfly girl, may be so pure of heart and full of joy, that with just one smile she’ll turn Beryl from a weeping angel into an Alexandros of Antioch masterpiece. Even Beryl hopes for this, but only if she gets to keep her arms!

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