Barry is Gay!


Colour me surprised! Barry Manilow has come out as gay!

On a serious note though… I’m glad he has had love for the past 40 years, and I’m even more glad he can now live his truth and be seen in public with his partner and not just “his manager”.

I know some will say “who cares?”, “why is this our business?” etc and to those I say “I care”, and “It’s nobody’s ‘business’.” but I’m glad Barry Manilow has shed the burden of his ‘secret’ that he has kept and clearly something that has played on his mind, consuming his thoughts.

If you’re keeping up with the kids of today none of them care if a music star is gay… look at the likes of Troye Sivan 4.4 million followers on YouTube, very out, and still getting adoring messages from female fans day in and day out.

I’m left still feeling that all the guys who play in elite sports and are almost forced by society to remain in the closet, faking relationships or worse, putting themselves and the ladies they date through a lie to protect their reputation, scared to live their truth.

In a country where debates about marriage equality are still a thing and where MPs think and publicly state that you can “pray the gay away” (paraphrasing Abetz), it’s no wonder we have no elite AFL, Rugby League or Rugby Union players out and proud.

May those with weird thoughts leave the public arena soon and take those ideas with them and may the younger generations live their truths from younger ages.

While I don’t spend a lot of time wondering what my life may have been like had I been brave enough to come out at school, I’m glad kids these days are doing so. Everything that happened in my life has lead to where I am now, and I’m very happy with my lot in life, but there sure was some heartache there in my youth.

So to wrap up, congrats Barry… you be you!

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