Who gives a crap… I do!


A couple of years ago, for a work function we went to a restaurant in Melbourne that had a no waste policy. They bought all their produce without packaging, and everything in the place was recycled/reused. If you brought your own bottles in for BYO, you had to take your bottles away with you as they didn’t accept the waste.

Well in the bathroom there, they had toilet paper so good that more than a few folks commented on it upon making a visit to the loo. Strange conversation over a Christmas lunch, but that’s how good the stuff was.

The brand of toilet paper was “Who Give A Crap” and I have FINALLY gotten around to ordering some for home. This great organisation partners with charities that assist in bringing sanitation services to countries that don’t have it so good. And it’s not expensive for you to help out.

The answer to Who Gives A Crap is really, everyone… we all gotta do it, so why not help out a good cause while you’re at it. Better to wipe your bum with something that will give back rather than just adding to the coffers of another big business whose aim is usually to exploit those worse off every change they get.

Use the link below and get $10 off your first order. This is one case where it doesn’t cost much to do a good thing, in fact the price per 100 sheets is almost on par with the big names in the game. The more money Who Gives A Crap make, the more they can give away.


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