UBER n00b

UBER n00b
I did it, I signed up to be an UBER driver. Why? Just for something to do, because I could, why the heck not! Pick one. 
Today I had to attend the UBER office in Port Melbourne to have the car inspected as the final step in my account activation.
At the office there were heaps, and heaps, of people going through the whole process, even though you can do most of it online and save yourself a bunch of time. Thankfully it seems they have a queuing system that means I didn’t have to sit for hours while they went through their signup to get to mine.
After the car passed its inspection (as a new car should) I waited in the office for about 20 minutes before my name was called and my account was activated.
I’ve been booked into the next available UBER 101 class on a Wednesday Night (this one or next) to go through the best practises for an UBER Driver.
After leaving the office I threw the app into “Online” mode and bam, there was a ride nearby and I accepted.
My first ever UBER ride was a lovely lady named Helen, she needed to go from Albert Park to Docklands. I let her know she was my first, she was excited for me.
Helen was a chatter, and she said that’s what she likes in a driver. She asked why I was doing UBER and I said, “Just to give it a go and try it out.” I asked why she chooses to take UBER and Helen replied that she finds UBER drivers nicer, she believes it has to do with folks who choose to work when they want to, rather than those who are on a clock.” She did say that she finds herself reverting to taxis when UBER is surging too high (UBER charges 1.2x to 3+x pricing during peak times) or if there is a cab right there when she needs one (they are easier to spot on the street).
I’m looking forward to doing more trips, not for the money, but for the experience of doing it and interacting with people I’ve never met and will likely never see beyond these brief trips. Dipping in and out of their lives and they into and out of mine.

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