Dumped for the Truth

Poor guy, dumped for saying out loud what is likely true for most of the major-party politicians. While his choice of scenario was inappropriate, he was basically saying what we all know to be true… most politicians will forever abandon their own principles if it means getting more for themselves.

We have Malcolm Turnbull as a prime example… threw away his stance on renewables, marriage equality, carbon emission policy, broadband, etc, etc, etc, to become Prime Minister.

Of course the Young LNP likely were afraid of the headlines, like the one that accompanied the article from which the section below was taken… “‘I would be a Nazi Party member’: University of Queensland LNP Club president writes, before being booted” they’re quoting him saying the first part without the “despite obviously opposing a lot of their core ideology” and the title of the page just reads “‘I would have been a Nazi’: Kurt Tucker”.

I’m all for the downfall of the LNP, even the Young LNP, but I’m totally against reporting that is just stupidly paraphrased for the headlines. I don’t believe he should have been dumped, I think his party should have stood behind him and said “In context what he said is true…” but yes, he did pick a poor example.

He could have just said “I totally would do what Malcolm Turnbull has done, abandon my principles to get ahead in the party and to secure that sweet, sweet pension and million dollar speaking engagements (while still collecting the sweet sweet pension and travelling on the public dime).” Same thing, more palatable example.

The Young LNP scrambled to distance itself from Kurt Tucker, the leader of its University of Queensland chapter, after the politically ambitious student made a Facebook post saying he would have joined the Nazi Party if he had lived in 1930s Germany.

“I openly accept I would be a Nazi Party member if this was 30s Germany, despite obviously opposing a lot of their core ideology,” he wrote.

“I’m political, and to succeed in politics, public service military or even industry, you had to be a NSDAP member.

“I also believe 90% of ALP and LNP members would be the same.”


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