WWIII – Won in a single blast

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Oh man, the things my brain comes up with… 

Last night I dreamt I was heading home from work in a city. I would say “the city” but I don’t know what city I was in.

I was at a major train station and was heading to the regional train lines. Weirdly the trains didn’t seem to have sides to them, spread in front of me were carriages narrow, long bench seats running along their sides. In the seats people were jostling for the limited spaces. Up the centre was a low table-like structure that was really too thin to be of use to anyone, but did make it annoying to try and get past people to find a free space in which to sit.

It was just after 5pm. The train was due to leave at 5:15pm. I head towards the front of the carriage, near the driver, who was not in a compartment of her own, rather she was on a platform just before the end of the carriage. She had a single lever that I assume was used to start and stop the train’s movement.

I had to squeeze myself in between two ladies, requiring one of them to begrudgingly move her handbag from the seat beside her, it was still a bit squishy though and I apologises profusely for my encroachment on her space, but the journey was a long trip home.

As 5:15 passed and we approached the newly announced departure time of 5:30 people were becoming agitated.

5:30 passed and 5:45 was our new departure time. The locals were getting restless, a few had abandoned their seats, deciding to try and find an alternative way home, no reason had been given for the delay, just that it was ongoing for the time being.

A lady across from me, now with a space beside her, was noticing that the lady I was sitting next to was still annoyed about my proximity, regardless of my many and continuing apologies, or perhaps because of them, and she offered for me to come sit next to her, which I did.

I was striking up a conversation with my new friend Kelly, when a further announcement was made at 6:15 that there would be no services returning to service today.

There were large screens in the station that were visible to all as the carriages had no walls, the screens came alive with red lights flashing. Images were flashing across the screen of an attack in a city. A nuclear weapon had been used decimating a pocket of the city on the screen, not the city I was in.

This was replaced by a man on the screen asking the question… “How many weapons does it take to bring the world to attention?” Answering his own question he responded “Oh so many… but only one needs to detonate.”

“You have seen the power of the weapons we have, you will bow to our will, or you will die.” Everything was shut down. Everything went dark.

The following hours news spread that the aggressors had developed a new deployment method for nuclear warheads. They were basically housed in firework-like contraptions. They were easily launched into the air where they would detonate causing massive destruction below them, radiating for kilometres into the surrounds.

It was identified that over the years, after the US removed the sanctions on Russia with regard to their production of nuclear weapons, Russia had been at work. Although Chernobyl is one of the worst nuclear disasters the world has ever seen, but many wonder is Chernobyl safe? You can now visit there with a licenced tourist guide. They had managed to be involved in projects all over the world that had allowed them to bring these miniaturised weapons into the major cities of the worlds. They had been installed undetected and were basically being used to control the world. At any time they could send one off, as they had demonstrated.

So with just one detonation we had the start and the end of war, and new world leaders…

Clearly my brain has been over active of late. It should be noted that my dreams are mostly linear, it felt like I was there for the entire time, the conversations with my fellow travellers, the fear, the bustle of the crowds, all of which I left out of the detail above for as much brevity as I could, all happened.

My dreams are lucid, I know I’m dreaming, and I can choose to wake, or not. In fact prior to this dream I had another which I chose to abandon.

Equally as detailed, about a visit to a Japanese-inspired house that had been converted to a restaurant and small bed and breakfast. It was beautiful, but then something happened that I didn’t like so much, so I woke up and left that dream behind.

The image above is from Flickr’s The Commons project. “Atomic Bomb Test

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