DJI Mavic

One of the greatest barriers to using drones is the pain-in-the-butt of carrying them around with you given their big size.

Two weeks ago, GoPro said, we can do that better and made a small folding drone, the Karma, with all the power of the bigger guys in a foldable design.

Today, DJI, the makers of the best (IMO) flying cameras said a big “F*** YOU” to GoPro with the announcement of the DJI Mavic

Like the Karma, the Mavic folds down into to a tiny little compact unit that fits easily anywhere, even the props fold. The Karma still requires you to remove the propellers and store them separately.

I’m compelled to get a Mavic, but alas, insufficient funds for non-business related “toys”… so I best start making more money! Or alternatively, I’m considering selling off my Phantom 4 and getting the Mavic. I’m sure the Phantom 4 is a better device, but I’m not using it as much as I could, or should, purely because of the inconvenience of having lug it around. I still have to check out the specs, particularly with the camera in more details before I decide.

Of course, to be fair to the GoPro Karma, it does use a GoPro camera that is detachable and readily used on its own and they have created a whole system of using that one camera and a hand-held unit, the Karma Grip (comes bundled), just like DJI’s Osmo. The advantage being only needing one camera for many applications. Not that anyone can have just one GoPro.

I see DJI’s next move will be to take GoPro head on with an actual action camera.

Check the Mavic out on the DJI store; it’s a thing of beauty.

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