Day to Night by Stephen Wilkes

I sure we’ve all seen Stephen Wilkes’ amazing photos of day to night, now Stephen talks at TED about how they are made.

Take aways from his talk:

  • often over 30 hours of shooting to capture the time over the day
  • all that time spent at his camera (when and where does he pee?)
  • usually up in a cherry picker or scissor lift for the whole time
  • months and months of post work by him and his team
  • all the effort makes amazing images

It’s a pretty cool talk, well worth the 12:37 to be inspired by the man’s passion, watch Stephen Wilkes’ TED Talk.

Stephen has also done a 2-hour talk with B&H. You can watch Stephen Wilkes’ Evolution on YouTube.

Nat Geo DAY_TO_NIGHT_SERENGETI_Master_17 DayNight_Inauguration jpeg1 PeterFettermanGallery4102014T02252

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