Be the change

Bacchus Marsh Sunrise

“If you wrong would you admit it?
And take the heat up under the lights
Use your expert criticism
Then maybe you could get a life
Don’t like seeing people happy
Is it jealousy or personal?
Cause I don’t see why loving someone
Or what I do seem so radical to you

Still it might sound strange to you
But what you think it don’t mean nothing at all
Doesn’t change who I am
Doesn’t change who I love”

-Janet Jackson “The Great Forever”

I’m sure Janet believes in a higher power and given that her home is now in the Middle East I’m not sure which one. “The Great Forever” in the song is clearly a reference to the afterlife.

I don’t believe in an afterlife. It’s probably the one thing I’ll be pleasantly surprised to find I’m wrong about. I don’t believe I’ll ever be proven wrong about the existence of any gods though. The “gods” are a creation of man rather than the other way around.

Many believe that atheists don’t have any beliefs, but I really do. I believe our time spent here on Earth should be revered as its own miracle. Of the billions and billions of stars we can see we know of only one of the hundreds of billions of planets that has life.

I believe that we should spend our time in life in a state of love and wonder for what is around us. Living with hate or fear, it limits you.

If you’re spending a great amount of your time deriding others for their way of life you only hit the wedge in even harder, you are the reason for increasing tensions and things will never improve, they’ll only get worse.

If you live a life of love and being the best human you can be, and you still find yourself getting attacked, you’ll find those attacks most often have their root in jealousy. So you pick yourself up and dance joyously once more, you recover, and you don’t let hate change you.

We see it all the time, jealousy is behind the tall poppy syndrome, we hate on others who we perceive have it better than us, we try to bring them down, even if it’s just talking badly about them among friends. That time we spend in our jealousy could be better used improving our own lives.

It’s like when you’re on an aeroplane and they go through the safety briefing at the start. They tell you emphatically that in the event of a loss of cabin pressure a breathing device will fall from the ceiling of the plane. Your job is to first take care of yourself, make sure you can breathe clearly before you help anyone else… because if you don’t, if you spend too much time trying to fix someone else’s problem before you fix your own, you’ll find you can’t recover yourself. So take care of you first and the rest will fall into place, you’ll be in a better position to help others.

Ghandi’s “Be the change you want to see in the world” is about being a living example. Not judging others, just being you, and if you’re being the best you can be, others will want to be more like you. If you hate, no one wants to be like you. No one wants to take on energy that brings them down.

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