All Uber drivers are rapists: Fear marketing


Fear marketing at its best! This tactic should never be applauded. And it looks like in most states and territories where Uber operates something like this would not be able to operate anyway given we have rules about limited employment to a single gender and so do most of the US states.

Fear is the easiest form of control and the GUY who started this company is winning at it. All you have to do is put the idea of something terrible into people’s minds and bam, you have a market.

The article presents the reader with this tidbit:

“A search for the words “sexual assault” returned 6,160 tickets, and the search “rape” returned 5,827 individual tickets.”

A vitally important piece of data is missing, well two actually, wait, no three. Hell, I ended up with seven.

  1. It doesn’t then go on to tell you how many rides are in the system, giving you an actual number you can work with to determine probability. This number may well represent the tiniest fraction of all Uber rides.
  2. Two, it doesn’t mention if the search for “Rape” is in addition to or if Sexual Assault and Rape are sometimes on the same ticket, which may well mean the total number is 6,160 rather than the perceived 11,987.
  3. Three, it doesn’t mention the resolution of the tickets. Is the driver now gone, was it unsubstantiated, etc
  4. Four, how many perpetrators were there? If the 6,160 complaints were about 5 drivers and all 5 drivers are gone… the problem as been mitigated.
  5. Five, what’s the time period for these reports?
  6. Six, what’s the scope of the problem, are most/all contained to a single provence or is it an endemic world-wide problem? The screenshot shows at least one report coming from the UK.
  7. Seven, who was the perpetrator, who was the complainant. It’s quite damning of society that we see a complain of sexual assault and immediately jump to the conclusion that the perpetrator was a man and the victim was a woman. It could easily have been the other way around or it may have been a woman assaulting a woman or a man assaulting a man!

I could probably go on forever, and yes one case is one case too many, but we don’t know ANY of the information beyond a screenshot and that a guy has created a market through fear for himself to make a tonne of money and he’s done it by maligning every man ever in existence.

The idea that only women should drive women = all men are bad, all women are good, which simply isn’t the case.

Feature image by Dryhead on Flickr used under Creative Commons License.

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