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We don’t talk about suicide because of fears it will prompt others to consider it as an option to get out of a bad situation, albeit a very final decision.

But we’ll constantly talk about murder and rape and report on the crappy sentences these crimes receive and continue to allow a culture of violence to breed through violent videos games (which contrary to industry-funded studies I believe DO desensitise children and adults alike).

Surely reporting on these things also prompt more of it occurring but we don’t end every news report that touches on them with a 000 or Lifeline notice. unsure emoticon

Levels of violence in our media (including news) has increased, is it any wonder there’s a general feeling of unrest and an epidemic of depression?

Where’s all the good news? Sadly we don’t tend to care about good news as much as we do bad. When someone else is doing it worse than us, a bunch of us take that as a good sign for our own lives, but others in the community, mostly those that look beyond themselves, see it for what it is, something incredibly bad going on in the world.

Let’s make and share more good news, more great stories of joy and hope and let’s take our future back from the bleak outlook the media is projecting and therefore pushing us towards.

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