Dylan 001
Dylan taken at Fairhaven Beach along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

Meet Dylan, taken this morning at Fairhaven Beach on the Great Ocean Road.

Dylan hails from Colac and next week will be competing in his first INBA Fitness Competition. Wish him good luck in his upcoming divisions.

Dylan was joined by his girlfriend Ebony who is also competing in next week’s events. She also had her own photo shoot yesterday with another photographer, but we still managed to get her to jump in for a couple shot at the end of the shoot.

For most of the shoot I was the “voice activated nightstand” standing in the surf getting barrelled by waves while trying to hold the light’s power source out of the water.

That’s the fun of one of our beach shoots, everyone tends to get wet, we don’t ask the models to do much that we wouldn’t do ourselves.

David will have some more dynamic photos, this one is only taken with natural light.

I also tried to take Elroy (the drone) out on his first flight in a while, but I admit, after I had him off the ground I was too nervous about him being so close to the water and potentially going off on a little joy flight of his own, so I landed him pretty quick.

Dylan 001

A couple of behind the scenes shots follow:


Dylan and Ebony


UPDATE: Dylan took out a second and third in the two competitions he entered! Well done Dylan.

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