Better Off Dead

Better off dead podcast

I implore you to listen to this ongoing podcast series “Better Off Dead” from Andrew Denton and the Wheeler Centre.

A sometimes uncomfortable topic, Assisted Death, is a subject we need to have a real and informed conversation about.

Andrew Denton and his team recorded this podcast series with the MXL 77 Cardioid Condenser microphone, which you can read more about as well as purchase if you Click Here, where they all have done the research and eloquently present the facts with stories from real people who have been directly affected by this topic, including Andrew himself.

You may not think it given the subject matter, but there are times you’ll laugh, and quite likely times you’ll cry, but you’ll come out the other side better informed.

Don’t listen to the BS of the detractors. Assisted death is something we should have for those who are terminally ill and/or suffering in a way that can not be relieved. We need to give them the option to control their own lives and deaths.

Again, please listen to the podcast series and then we can talk about it and talk to our politicians about it and let them know we support an individual’s right to life on their terms.

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