Kids and Guinea Pigs

Kate the Guinea Pig
Kate the Guinea Pig

So the neighbour kid next to our immediate neighbour was a customer at Puppy Preschool so she knows we take photos, because we took photos of her dog. Today little Luke, one of the immediate neighbour kids came up to talk to us when we pulled into the driveway (as he often does), and his sister Natalie came over carrying one of her Guinea Pigs.

She said, “You take the photos at puppy preschool don’t you?” I replied “Yes” and she said “Maybe you could take photos of Kate my guinea pig”… so I said, “let’s do some now” and got my camera and we made some photos. The other guinea pig had to come out too, I can’t remember her name right now.

Then Luke wanted his photo taken so I sent him inside to check with his mum first and he came out yelling “Mum said ‘yes'” so I took a couple of photos of the kids as well, and their dog Roxy who had to come in for a shot.

Of course we’re used to using strobes these days for most of our work, and these are just in the fading light of the day so they’ve been pushed a little. But I’m sure the kids will be happy with them.

I guess, now, in addition to photographing puppies and people, we shoot small animals too. Might do another one soon with a proper set up for them.

Kate and ?

Kate the Guinea Pig


Luke, Natalie, and Kate


Natalie and Roxy

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