Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn
Heroes Reborn

After watching “Heroes Reborn” I can say the show has promise.

That it copped criticism for be “slow” shows that people forget what a big ensemble show like this is like. There are a LOT of characters to introduce and they can’t all be action-pact right out of the gate or you’d end up with a TV show that’s very hard to maintain.

Heroes Reborn leads on from the end of the Heroes series… the world knows about those with special powers, “evos”, and of course everyone loves them… and then… well spoilers sweetie… I will say there’s still the “Save the cheerleader save the world”-type concept… but without the Cheerleader.

I’ll gladly tune in for more episodes as they role out. Only a handful of the original characters make a return. There will be some times where you go “um that doesn’t make sense because blah” if you’ve seen the original Heroes but stick with it. Tim Kring is trying to revitalise his concept and it may take a few weeks to get into the swing of things.

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