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Lemurs on the loose

Well not really, but at Melbourne Zoo you can go into the Lemur enclosure and come very up close and personal with them as they roam around among the humans.

It’s always hit and miss, sometimes you get there and the little guys (and they are all male) are sleeping, but you can come back 40 minutes later and they’re jumping from the trees and running about your feet.

Today it seems we got there just as they were waking, some were on the move, others basking in the sun, others still sleeping, yet to stir.

I love it when people are concentrating on a lemur and they are oblivious to the fact that there’s one right at their feet, or crossing the bridge right behind them.

One disappointing moment happened when a person wanted to have their photo taken with a lemur perching at the edge of the bridge, they clearly felt it wasn’t facing an optimal way and used their foot (not in a subtle way) to try and get the lemur to move. I yelled, two zoo keepers yelled and yet the person was non-plussed, clearly didn’t think what they did was wrong. As there was a language barrier it was hard to convey, but others in their group who clearly spoke english didn’t do anything to chastise their compatriot. It was a sad moment for humanity when there should be a clear and basic understanding that we’re in an environment where these animals develop a trust for the humans around them, only to have it defiled with a flick of a foot.

Of course, in the end the person didn’t get their photo, the lemur didn’t appreciate having a foot connect with its backside and it runaway.

These little guys are beautiful creatures, I appreciate the time we get to share with them.


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