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We have a new king, well a new Premier at least, Daniel Andrews. Long live the new regime, if you consider 4 years a long time. For the first time in Victorian history the Liberal Party has only served 1 term before we ousted them from state government leadership. The federal government will tell you their politics had nothing to do with the Victorian defeat, but they’re stupid like that.

Sure it’s not just federal politics that had a hand in their demise, but they are the same party, they operate with the same values and on they have pretty much shown throughout their rule that just like their federal counterparts, our state government was more interested in the favours they could do their friends in business than operating the state for the people.

We do need more of a focus on public transport and less on big roads, we need more focus on the people and less on established big business.

So we now have a Labor lead state, let’s hope the win doesn’t go to their head, they have a lot of work to do and really 4 years isn’t a lot of time to do it. They will be supported by at least 1 Greens seat, perhaps more as the votes continue to be counted.


I’ve been looking for something to have for breakfast that is quick and easy and doesn’t involve bread or sugar-laced cereal. I think I’ve found it.

Last Thursday we attended a Thermomix cooking night. They call it a class, but really it’s more of a demonstration of the machine while they prepare and cook recipes readily found in the cookbooks that come with your machine. I admit, I’m not a big user of our machine, David uses it mostly, but when the presenters showed us CADA I knew I was on a winner for breakfast.

CADA is Coconut, Almonds, Dates and Apple. Topped with yoghurt it makes a delicious healthy breakfast. The recipe is pretty easy: A handful of each of the coconut, almonds and dates, put them in the Thermomix with a quartered apple and pulse until it’s at your preferred consistency. Top with yoghurt and Bob’s your uncle, as they say, so is perfect for people that want to stay healthy, and they can complement it with a healthy green drink they can find online.

The photos below are my first attempt, and I was making it for two, next time I’ll do two things differently. First of all I’ll pulse the dates and almonds alone before adding the apple and coconut. And if making for two, I’ll add another half an apple.

CADA is what's for breakfast
CADA is what's for breakfast
CADA is what's for breakfast

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